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Upgrade your space and real estate investment


  • Improve “curb appeal”   

  • Refresh the look and layout of public areas (lobbies, bathrooms, hallways, signage, etc.)

  • Accommodate any business or new staff members


KRJ designs what you want to communicate now.

Aesthetics and design are more than just looking good. They set an expectation, a mood, an intention. They’re part of your organization’s branding.

KRJ Design Group (KRJ) optimizes spaces through design every day. Whether it’s selecting furniture and finishes for new spaces, or conducting “design refreshes” of building exteriors, lobbies, restrooms, and exteriors, we can update your spaces and upgrade value.

Our design clients range from public agencies and colleges to real estate firms and office building owners. We start with an in-depth process of assessing desires and visions—as well as budgets—and work from there.

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