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Relocation Management and Swing-Space Planning

Managing moves and temporary spaces
–with little or no downtime


When you or your client can’t afford any pause in services during a move, KRJ can help.

You know that swing-space planning and relocation and move management are much more than just getting people and furniture from one place to another.

What can easily get lost in the process is function—and your progress.


As part of our space-planning and design expertise, KRJ Design Group (KRJ) regularly helps teams work better by setting them up for success—even during moves.

Many of our clients can’t afford to lose even one day of service. It could cost thousands to make up; or, their business models or service obligations don’t allow for any pause in services. KRJ makes sure that doesn’t happen.

What does it look like?

Starting with our proven assessment process with user groups, KRJ creates complete step-by-step detailed move plans identifying all tasks, procedures, and timelines.


We meet with user groups to overview the entire move process, and address questions and concerns about their move. And we coordinate with IT staff and telecom providers as needed. Our plans include a move-numbering system, site tagging and mapping, coordinating with installers, supervising, and conducting walk-through and QC of sites. We also handle new and temporary storage needs.


Client story:
A public agency that could afford zero downtime during its move

When San Mateo County’s Office of Housing needed to renovate its offices, it postponed the process as long as possible, as department heads dreaded likely chaos and days, if not more, of work slowdown. KRJ was consulted to manage the process. With in-depth assessment of all functions that had to continue during the move and the temporary space residency in portable office trailers nearby spaces, KRJ planned all functions, arranged for temporary utilities and wi-fi, and supervised the process. With complete planning, the process was not expensive, and the department did not miss one day of providing services.

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