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Plan your space now for COVID-19 infection-risk control
KRJ Design Group's Safer Spaces consulting helps you respond to COVID-19 prevention mandates and awareness while maintaining functionality and marketability
How to Be Safe from Coronavirus Instagra

Our Safer Spaces signage assures staff members and the incoming public that the space is planned to reduce risk

A few questions we will ask to begin evaluating the best solutions for reworking your floor plans for employees returning to the workplace:


1. Are you planning to have your full workforce (the pre-shelter in place count) return to the physical office space?

2. Do you plan to have a portion of your previously designated office staff continue to work remotely, and, if so, what percentage of your staff?

3. How do you see the tasks your employees need to accomplish being done differently, if at all?

4. Is your current office space comprised mostly of open areas and tightly fitted benching?

KRJ Design Group helps you assure spaces meet safety mandates while making best use of your space.

Safer Spaces mean the space has been evaluated for aspects such as:

  • Physical distancing, function spacing, and barriers

  • Surfaces and material selection with cleaning considerations

  • Air quality and circulation

  • Paths of travel

  • Workplans, behavior change, and programming

    Boost safety while ensuring spaces are effective, appealing, and marketable.

Contact us today to discuss your COVID-19 space-planning challenges. Improve safety and communicate that to your staff and clients:
Call 650-525-3700 ext. 1 or email us.
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