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Making spaces work better with expert space planning



Space planning—done right—is more than fitting people and furniture into a space.  It can make a space work better: improving processes, creating public-intake areas that reduce staff distractions, and generally making a setting more enjoyable.


KRJ Design Group (KRJ) provides space-planning consulting to create the best function for your spaces. Fragmented and disjointed functions in offices—with related functions far apart, lack of collaboration spaces, no areas for public/client interaction—can slow down services and flow as well as impede staff efficiency.

KRJ Design Group regularly fixes these situations. We don’t just fit more staff members into a space; we also design information and resource flows, so everyone works better.

Assessing needs—today and for the future

Often, the success of a great office design isn’t fully seen until it’s in use. Our clients, such as San Mateo County and numerous property management firms, can attest to our understanding of how to upgrade and transform spaces into effective workplaces.

When our clients tell us they can do their jobs better after we’ve worked on their spaces, we know we’ve done our job. 

“KRJ Design Group took our entire design project from start to finish. Once they identified our building needs, they proposed best solutions to meet our needs, converting a previously multi-tenanted space into a really nice space that worked for us, maximizing light and flow and creating a contemporary design that reflects our staff’s and clientele's expectations.”



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