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A checklist for spaces that best promote well-being and function

We're loving the book, The Shaping of Us: How Everyday Spaces Structure Our Lives, Behavior, and Well-Being, by Lily Bernheimer. If you're interested in increasing both productivity and well-being in your spaces, read her chapter, "The Defeat of the Ninja-Proof Seat."

Here's her BALANCED(sm) Space checklist for spaces:

B Biophilia: natural elements, materials, views, and patterns

A Atmosphere: light quality, air quality, temperature, and smell

L Layout: space utilisation and allocation, wayfinding, and circulation [KRJ Design Group's specialty!]

A Amenities: supporting good nutrition, fitness, ergonomics, and rest

N Noise: avoiding distracting noise levels, friction points, and design flaws

C Cohesion: community, communication, and control

E Energy: reducing use of energy, resources, and waste

D Design: colour, shape, material, proportions, detail, and style

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